NOTE: “Somewhere Funner” does not promise fun.

“Somewhere Funner” was an installation/social media/photography/performance artwork conceived for Winterblast, a popular Santa Rosa SOFA Arts District street festival. A photo-booth was placed within Blasted Art Gallery. Guests were photographed in front of a “red carpet” style wall. Their photographs were uploaded in real time to Blasted Art Gallery’s Facebook page:

Outside of the gallery, a video monitor allowed the crowd to view a live-feed of people having a funner time, getting their pictures taken. Over the course of four hours, approximately 500 people were photographed.

This took place in an art gallery, so it must be art.

Where is the art?

What is the art?

Who is the artist?

“Somewhere Funner” was created by Bill Shelley & Chris Beards, November 2017