Blasted Art Gallery is proud to present an installation by noted Sonoma County sculptor, Judson King Smith. Icarus Down is an ongoing ever-changing work by Smith. It has been exhibited on the floor, wall mounted, and attached to the exterior of an art gallery. Smith adds and subtracts components at each showing, altering his intent and narrative for this piece.


According to Smith, the design of Icarus Down is loosely based on the German U-Boats of World War II. Built in miniature scale, about 1/10 of life size, it is constructed of new metal welded with scrap metal and found objects. It was then aged and distressed to achieve a surprising note of realism.

"Where did you find that?" is the most frequent question Smith is asked about Icarus Down, and he feels it is the highest compliment.

Smith explains, "My entire life I have imagined how our creations, our physical made world will decay over time, over thousands of years. I'm imagining what appears to be so permanent, so reliably stable to us, in the scenario of its disintegration."

What this sculpture conveys, with an air of melancholy resignation, is how long time is and that nothing lasts forever. Least of all the fragile works of humanity.


Opening Reception for Judson King Smith: