Two Sonoma County artists address contemporary issues, including the advancement of technology, the fate of the environment, the role of corporate structures, and the shape of our future world. Anderson combines painting and drawing to create landscapes and narratives where reality and the surreal coexist. The inventive color palette, tactile surfaces, and webbed patterns of Caauwe’s paintings provide the basis of his visual conversation about the impact of technology and artificial intelligence.

“These two artists approach these issues from different viewpoints, leaving several doors open for the viewer to step through when taking in this exhibit. For both artists, the work feels specific without being preachy.” said Bill Shelley, Blasted Art Gallery's co-director.

Bill added, “Nicole and Avery are doing work that is very thoughtful and challenging. It has been wonderful to present their work to the Sonoma County art audience!”


Opening Reception for Nicole Irene Anderson / Avery Caauwe.


Blasted Art Gallery is located in the Backstreet Building
Art Alley, off of South "A" Street
in Santa Rosa’s downtown SOFA Arts District,
about an hour north of San Francisco.