2017 - 2018


Thank you for the past year! We feel it is the right time to close Blasted Art Gallery.

We would like to thank the exceptional artists we exhibited, the Sonoma County art community, and all the people who came out to support our efforts to bring high-quality, Sonoma County art into view. Special thanks to the SOFA Arts District, the Imaginists, and especially the artists in the Backstreet Building, for their welcome and enthusiasm for what we have done during the past year.

This collaborative project was initially conceived as a one-time pop-up group show. We decided to start up a fully realized art space and explore creativity and to provide a venue for interesting and inventive Sonoma County art. It bloomed into Blasted Art Gallery LLC, with a mission of showing good local art well. We feel that Blasted Art Gallery successfully accomplished that mission. Our only regret is that we will not be showing all the fine Sonoma County artists on our list.

Blasted Art Gallery was a great experience for us. As working artists, it was interesting to be on the gallery side of the art equation. There are more moving parts and decisions in the operation of an art gallery than we realized, and our appreciation for what gallery owners do has only increased. The two of us found that we work well together, and for the most part, shared a common aesthetic perspective. We spent more time and money than we thought we would, but as a labor of devotion, it was all worth it.

We have not ruled out the possibility of another iteration of Blasted Art Gallery, but for the time being Bill and Chris will continue with their own creative pursuits. Bill’s work can be seen at and at Hammerfriar Gallery in Healdsburg. Chris’s work can be seen at and at Paul Mahder Gallery in Healdsburg.

In appreciation,
Bill Shelley
Chris Beards

January 2019


Blasted Art Gallery love:

Artists who have moved into the studio space more recently, like Chris Beards and Bill Shelley from Blasted Art Gallery, have put on ambitious and thoughtful shows which stretch the boundaries of Sonoma County’s art scene. They have brought an influx of new people to the neighborhood, and this energy has added to a palpable ambiance of excitement and enthusiasm.
— Kristen Throop, SOFA artist
Blasted Art Gallery here at Backstreet, is a contemporary showroom on its own, led by curators Chris Beards and Bill Shelley. We are lucky to have their fine take on visual thinking in our midst. There is always an interesting gathering of art in their space, not to miss.
— Mary Vaughan, SOFA artist

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